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Tips to help you stay away from alcohol

Tips to help you stay away from alcohol

October 31, 2021

Tips to help you stay away from alcohol

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is widely used in our society and many of our activities are drenched with it, ranging from celebration to any other function. Hence, there is always a chance to swerve towards alcoholism for all of us.

Drinking on a regular basis can surely lead to dependence, giving way to a lot of other troubles associated with alcoholism. Even though people say that they believe in moderation and it is the best way to consume alcohol, it can also lead to alcoholism. Getting hooked to alcohol or becoming an alcoholic poses a big health threat to them and the people around.

However, there is a silver lining, with ways to deal with alcohol abuse that can save lives. Apart from seeking treatment when you see the slightest sign of becoming dependent on alcohol, there are also steps to undertake to thwart alcoholism.

Some helpful and proven tips to stay away from alcohol abuse are as follows:

Never stock alcohol at home: Stocking up the refrigerator with bottles of alcohol is a sure-shot way to become an alcoholic. When it is not readily available it is harder to drink as one needs to go out and arrange for it, which acts as a deterrent. On the other hand, when there are attractive bottles of alcohol stacked in the refrigerator, they lure you to sip one glass every time you open the door to take out something else. Being easily accessible, you will look for the slightest pretext to make one glass for you or when friends come over.

Don’t drink when you are emotional: Hitting the bottle when one is low or in an emotional state is a dangerous habit as it can soon turn into a heavy drinking pattern. The brain will act in such a loop that there will be more and more occasions to drink. Hence, one shouldn’t drink when emotional or use alcohol as an alibi to pacify disturbing thoughts. Rather one should look for other healthy methods to deal with negative thoughts.

Avoid trips to the bars: Visiting bars, even though you think they are infrequent, slowly develops into a habit. You will feel like rushing to the nearest bar whenever an unpleasant situation crops up. It will definitely lead to alcoholism and other problems.

Stop binge drinking: Going on benders during the weekend is very harmful as it is extremely habit-building. Binge drinking not only poses immediate threats to drinkers, but also forms a habit of drinking on a regular basis, a precursor to becoming an alcoholic. So, never indulge in binge drinking whatever the occasion may be and stay from alcoholism.

Shun people who are drinkers: Never hang out with alcoholics or are into the habit of drinking regularly. You will surely drift towards alcoholism when you spend a greater amount of time in the company of such people. It is in no way disparaging them or looking down upon them, even they need to address this issue in their lives. If you avoid people who are heavy drinkers you will certainly be at a safe zone. Friends and acquaintances have a silent influence on us and before we realize we begin to emulate their habits and traits. Drinking is one of them.

Know when you have a drinking problem:

The first step towards leading a sober life is to realize whether you have a drinking problem and take necessary steps or seek help.

An individual has a drinking problem when he or she:—

  • Drinks to relieve stress
  • Drinks alone
  • Looks forward to drinking and arrange for a schedule to drink
  • Drinks as a respite from boredom or loneliness
  • Does unsafe things occasionally such as drinking and driving
  • Faces sleeping problems after drinking
  • Drinks in social situations to fit in
  • Develops health problems due to drinking
  • Causes suffering to loved ones and self due to drinking
  • Drinks to deal with negative situation
  • Continues to drink despite experiencing harmful consequences
  • Drinks to overcome shyness

As seen in the above discussion, alcoholism is also a behavioral health issue. Baring those incidents, when one’s company becomes the cause of alcoholism, it largely has an underlying mental thought process leading people towards consuming regular alcohol.

Getting help

Alcoholism can be treated and one can lead a sober life like before. So, if you or a loved one is dealing with alcohol abuse seek immediate help from experts.

We, at California Behavioral Healthcare, can help you get rid of your alcohol problem. Our inpatient residential treatment centers offer the best evidence-based treatment programs ensuring long-term recovery for people living with an alcohol problem. Check out our top intensive outpatient program by calling our 24/7 helpline number (919) 260-2807 and get immediate assistance. Alternately, you can also chat with one of our online representatives to assist you further.

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