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Sub-acute Detox

Withdrawal symptoms are a part of any detox program. While these may be overwhelming for some, they might be slightly uncomfortable or just bearable for others. However, in some cases, where the individual is in good health and depending on the choice of drug abuse, the chances of developing grave complications at the time of detox are significantly reduced.

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Though these individuals need support to recover, they do not need round-the-clock or acute care. Such patients are enrolled in a sub-acute detoxification program so that they can receive adequate help to beat an addiction and yet, continue with their day-to-day lives as they prefer.

Why is sub-acute detox a better choice?

Multiple detox arrangements are available for an individual struggling with an addiction and their families might opt for programs that are highly restrictive. However, enrolling a person into such a program, might actually increase the risk of a relapse once the treatment is complete.

Therefore, many addiction treatment specialists recommend that people struggling with an addiction should be cared for in an environment which is conducive for their recovery, yet, it should neither hinder their personal freedom nor interfere in their personal space.

In a sub-acute detox setting, a patient is empowered with all the support, medication, therapy, and monitoring they need, but without subjecting them to a rigorous schedule of overpowering psychological or medicinal interventions. They receive care that is suitable to the amount of distress they might be experiencing during the detoxification process.

Sub-acute detox settings

People requiring sub-acute detox care may receive support in multiple settings like:

  • A doctors’ office
  • An emergency department
  • A residential detox facility
  • An intensive outpatient program

Patients receiving sub-acute detoxification might stay onsite in a residential program, however, the program will not limit the patient from being permitted to stroll in the facility campus, attend individual and group therapy sessions, physical activity sessions, art classes, and more. Sometimes, a patient might opt to stay at home during their detox process, yet, they may be required to attend a couple of appointments at the facility during the detox process.

Sub-acute detox program at California Behavioral Healthcare facility

Regardless of the choice of settings, in which a sub-acute detox program takes place, it is likely to follow a classic format. Here at California Behavioral Healthcare, a patient undergoes a pre-assessment test. During this, urine and blood tests are conducted to determine the extent of intoxication. Further, comprehensive medical histories along with prior drug use tendencies are recorded. This data helps a detox specialist create a customized program for each patient. After this, the patients are apprised of the detox symptoms they might develop such as, irritability, nausea, insomnia, and aches in certain parts of the body. Some prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs are given to alleviate the distress associated with these withdrawal symptoms. We also provide counseling sessions to help the patient know what to expect during detox so they are aware of what their journey will consist of. California Behavioral Healthcare uses the latest in detox science to help you or a loved one overcome an addiction. By enrolling into our medically supervised detoxification program, you will take the first step on a path of sobriety. For more information about our detox services, call our 24/7 helpline (919) 260 2807.

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