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Residential Treatment Center

In addition to other formats of treatment, California Behavioral Healthcare offers a residential treatment center (RTC) or an inpatient treatment program for substance abuse-related disorders. A live-in care health facility, our RTC offers each of our patient’s round-the-clock monitoring incorporating multiple treatment components in a safe, private, structured, and trigger-resistant environment. It offers tailored treatment programs as per the individual’s specific treatment requirements and goals.

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In addition to a medically-supervised detox program, including a sub-acute detox, patients at our RTC facility are offered individual and group therapy using cognitive modalities and skill-building process groups on a weekly basis. Patients are also offered intensive family therapy programs once a week to promote recovery and multifaceted wellness.

Benefits of enrolling in an RTC

An RTC program provides care in a tight-knit and a supportive setting which cannot be experienced in an outpatient program. Individuals seeking treatment in an RTC receive both conventional as well as innovative levels of care.

Some benefits of taking treatment in an RTC are:

  • Comprehensive psychological and medical evaluation of the patient during admission
  • Medically-supervised detox services to help patients navigate comfortably through withdrawal symptoms
  • Access to further medical interventions to address addictions
  • Availability to treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Skills training and family therapy
  • Aftercare programs

Residential treatment program at California Behavioral Healthcare

Patients enrolled for the RTC program at the California Behavioral Healthcare have access to a wide-range of health care services like medication management, monitoring and testing, a psychiatrist, psychosocial evaluation, psychotherapy, fitness training, physical therapy, art therapy, and additional wellness therapies. We believe that instituting a scheme of ongoing all-inclusive care is indispensable to people in recovery and results in improved patient outcomes with reduced rates of relapse. California Behavioral Healthcare can help you or a loved one overcome the menace of an addiction. By enrolling into our medically supervised RTC, you ensure that you or your loved have taken the first step on a path to long-lasting recovery. For more information about RTC or any other program offered by us, call our 24/7 helpline (919) 260 2807.

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  • Aetna
  • APS Healthcare
  • MultiPlan
  • ComPsych
  • IBH
  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Health Smart
  • The Holman Group
  • Life Synch

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