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Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is intended for individuals struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) and co-occurring disorders that do not necessitate round-the-clock monitoring. In IOP, patients stay outside a treatment center while continuing therapy in an intensive, yet, part-time schedule, helping the individual adjust their work and family life in accordance with the treatment program. Sometimes, IOP is used in conjunction with an inpatient program to help a patient transition back effortlessly into their communities and families.

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IOP is best-suited for individuals who require frequent intervention and counseling for their substance use or co-occurring disorders, but do not want to leave the comfort of their home or give up the job or life they are leading. Though, an IOP may be more appropriate for some people, the final decision lies with a qualified medical specialist who conducts a complete assessment of the patient before deciding the treatment option. The assessment is conducted during admissions which helps the medical practitioner tailor the treatment program for the individual. 

Who are best suited for IOP?

A patient is usually recommended IOP when:

  • They are dealing with a less severe addiction that does not necessitate 24-hour monitoring
  • They have already completed an inpatient or a residential treatment program and want to continue with the continuum of professional care to transition back into a regular life
  • They feel more secure with their family and friends around and have support
  • They are unable to commit to an inpatient program due to work or family commitments

Inpatient vs. IOP

In case of an inpatient or a residential stay, individuals struggling with addiction or co-occurring disorders receive treatment at a live-in facility. During their stay, patients undergo an difficult treatment program comprising detoxification, psychotherapy, and counselling sessions under the controlled care of a trained medical team accessible 24/7. Further, the patients are allowed limited but monitored contact with the outside world during their stay.

In comparison to an inpatient program, in an IOP, patients undertake treatment while continuing with their jobs, staying with their families, and going about their day-to-day activities. Treatment at an IOP center helps individuals who have recovered from an addiction to adapt themselves back into the society, while being constantly inspired and encouraged to stay sober.

What makes an IOP unique is the methodology of treatment. During IOP, as soon as the patient finishes detox or is discharged, they are encouraged to appear at treatment program meetings. These programs offer structure and support which help in preventing relapse.

IOP – The basic element

The fundamental characteristic of an IOP is that the sessions are conducted in small groups to facilitate empathy, support, and understanding that develops from shared experiences. The IOP group meetings are conducted at least four days a week and are intense with sessions lasting for a few hours at a time. Throughout the meetings, members usually talk about the success of the previous day, share personal experiences, and are advised on subjects ranging from coping strategies to deal with the triggers and approaches that would help avoid a relapse. 

IOP also involves families which adds to its high success rate. By adding family support, the group makes it easier for an individual to gain recovery. Compared to other therapy-based treatment options and outpatient counseling programs, IOP has a higher success rate as a long-term treatment option. 

IOP at California Behavioral Healthcare

California Behavioral Healthcare offers IOP to patients 18 years and above for substance abuse and dual-diagnosis. Our IOP program is available at a private, safe, and convenient location in Southern California. Before starting with any of our treatment programs, all our patients undergo a comprehensive psychological and physical pre-assessment that helps us curate a treatment plan strictly according to the treatment requirements of the patient. An IOP can be an effective substitute to customary inpatient rehab. The services offered at an IOP are designed to offer the highest level of support to patients while allowing them to stay engaged with their life, job, and community. California Behavioral Healthcare provides treatment programs through IOP, residential treatment (RTC), and partial hospitalization (PHP). To know more about any of these services, call our 24/7 helpline (919) 260 2807 and speak with an admission counselor.

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