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Our Programs

At California Behavioral Healthcare, we offer different types of treatment programs, such as Residential Treatment Center (RTC), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOPs), and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Our programs follow a strict schedule which include individual therapy, group therapy sessions, exercise, and social activity sessions.


Our behavioral health center is in the neighborhood of Chatsworth, located in the northwest area of the San Fernando Valley in California. Known for dry summers and mild yet pleasant winters, the region offers patients with ample outdoor opportunities to hike, mountain bike, and ride horses. Comfortable and clean, the center is like a home away from home.

Detox Services

California Behavioral Healthcare offers a sub-acute detox program. Sub-acute care is offered to people who enjoy an overall good mental and physical health, are dedicated to a recovery program, and do not need round-the-clock monitoring. The program is either offered to residential care patients, where patients stay in a treatment facility for a period of time; or to outpatient care patients, where they attend the treatment during the daytime for a couple of hours.

Family Services

Addiction is not limited to an individual. It is a family disorder as it affects the entire family. In-fact, a family member may be an enabler, therefore, we conduct family therapy sessions to allow each member to come out with their deepest fears about addiction and learn coping mechanisms.

Specialized treatment in conservative settings

We understand that leaving home and coming to a rehabilitation center for substance abuse treatment can be intimidating, and that is why we offer settings which provide a homely feeling, while making sure that our treatment protocols are contemporary, effective, safe, and ensure lasting recovery.

Individualized treatment experience for everyone

Our skilled, trained, and experienced team of medical experts, psychiatrists, and therapists customize a treatment plan to suit each patient’s requirements. They also focus on teaching the patients how to manage their conditions, control their triggers, and cope with the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Our team works to ensure that each and every patient receives the latest in treatment services in a safe and secure environment to ensure lasting recovery.


Along with a substance abuse, a person may also be struggling with a mental health disorder. This might manifest from self-medicating for problems like anxiety and depression that often accompany addiction. At California Behavioral Healthcare, we provide a holistic treatment approach that caters not only to the addiction, but to the co-occurring mental health disorder as well.

Sober Lifestyle

At first, living a sober lifestyle might appear to be overwhelming. However, our medical team guides the patient in accepting and welcoming a sober lifestyle. We teach the patient how even living sober can be filled with fun by engaging in activities like hiking, biking, trekking, meditation, and so much more.

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